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#305493 - 01/19/01 04:42 AM Creativity?
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Right now, I am having a hard time getting a creative flow going in Rebirth. I can always sit down and work the knobs and everything and program, but the fact that it is a step synthesizer really hinders my ability to write. I am thinking of getting reason and a midi controller keyboard to see if my ideas can flow more naturally. any advice or ideas on general writing techniques? thanx

#305494 - 01/31/01 08:03 PM Re: Creativity?
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Definitely get reason and a controller kboard. Full stop.
That program is psycho
As for the rebirth problem...
I dont even use the Tr 909 and junkin I just use the tb-303's, its the best part of the program. Just persist and be EXTREMELY experimental. A shit shit shit melody can sound awesome if you can work the filters just right. My opinion anyway.
What do you wanna do with it anyway, what kind of stuff are you making? If its not gonna fit in your style then the programs useless to you.

Hope I was some help.


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