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#303614 - 11/28/99 05:08 PM Are 2 areas needed for Roland?
TomTomSF Offline

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Hi All
Just wondering if it's necessary to have 2 separate areas for Roland arrangers. Yes, know that Roland makes a lot of different ones. But, a large proportion of what applies to the G-1000 also applies to the EM-2000, the G800, G600, E96, E86, E66, E56...etc. The E300 & E500 are a bit different in nature, but I also think there are fewer users of these 2 keyboards around.

The only reason I bring it up, is that I hate for someone (me) to miss out on some good info that may help them because it's posted in the G-1000 area and not the general Roland area. I know... read both areas, right? I just think it may not be necessary to split them up. In fact, I like the "whole enchilada" approach of Chris Hansen's board. That way you got to read about all kinds of interesting stuff...

Just my opinions....
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#303615 - 11/30/99 09:26 PM Re: Are 2 areas needed for Roland?
Luc Janssens Offline
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I think this seperation is a good idee !
When you're looking for specific G1000/EM2000 stuff, you know you can come to the G1000 forum. When you need to know about any other Roland stuff, you know you can go to the Roland arranger keyboard forum. If you want info on any other keyboard, you can go there... !
If you don't want to miss anything, just visit all forums... Simple as that...
But as allways... that's just MY opinion

#303616 - 12/03/99 06:19 AM Re: Are 2 areas needed for Roland?
Nigel Offline

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Chris Hansen (currently out sick) who is the moderator of the Arranger Keyboard forums uses a G1000 himself and asked for a separate forum.

In fact I will always consider opening new forums if requested or I think the demand warrants it. Synth Zone is always happy to make resources available to encourage online support.

#303617 - 12/06/99 06:59 PM Re: Are 2 areas needed for Roland?
Alex K Offline

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I would like to agree with TomTomSF - I think that it would be beneficial to users of both G1000 and earlier Roland keyboards to see a single list of messages. The issue is that while I own a G1000, there are many posts in the other Roland forum which are quite relevant to me, and it is often impossible to delineate if the message belongs to the G1000 forum or the other Roland forum.
Of course, one could post a message in multiple forums, but I would not consider it a good option, since the replies would quickly diverge.

In other words, I would gladly second to combine the G1000 discussion and the Roland arranger discussion into a single forum.



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