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#303020 - 01/26/00 04:05 AM E-68 seriel interface ?


I have an E-68 keyboard and I am trying hard to get it connected to a PC.

The PC runs WNT 4.0 with service pack 3, and the seriel interface is through a 25 Pin port. The Driver used is the Roland driver from the edirol web page version 1.0E.
I am use the roland cable RS-232C-25

The driver installes ok I can send out midi event with the mediaplayer, but nothing happens at the Keyboard end. I have tried to check the PC port with a protocol analyzer and the outcome was positiv, there was activity on the port, especially on pin 7.

I then tried the same thing on a Win95 PC with the multiseriel driver from Roland, still with my 25 pin cable.However this PC has only a 9 pin seriel port so I used an 9 - 25 pin adapter (standard thing from the store). And here it work beautifully I could transmit events to the keyboard and it played.

So why can't it work on the NT machine my feeling is that some of the pins are switch somewhere, but I use the 25 pin on the WNT machine and i does not work that is strange.

Does anybody out there have any experience with WNT/Roland 1.0E driver and a 25 pin port. Does anybody know which pins are the active ones in this communication ??

I will be very happy to receive some indication as this issue is somewhat frustrating.

Thanks in advance


#303021 - 01/26/00 09:47 AM Re: E-68 seriel interface ?
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I am not familiar with either the E68 or Roland serial connection. However, from what you describe, it seems that the Serial midi driver might not be compatible with NT.



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