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#302921 - 09/12/05 01:33 PM G70 vs. Korg PA1x vs. Tyros... Recommendation?
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I used to own the Yamaha Tyros and now Korg PA1x. However I have an opportunity to trade my PA1X for the Roland G70. I would like to get some opinion about the Roland G70. How does it compare to Yamaha Tyros and Korg PA1X in term of Styles, sounds and functions?

Your recommendation is greatly appreciated.



#302922 - 09/16/05 12:42 AM Re: G70 vs. Korg PA1x vs. Tyros... Recommendation?


I also had Tyros and before that PSR 9000.
I wanted a board with 76 keys. I had two
options: Korg PA1xPro and G70. After listening demos (you can find them in the net), playing both boards and reading reviews my choice was G70.

I like especially
- great key feel (especially compared to Tyros)
- fantastic piano sound from Fantom X (far better than "Grand Piano" on Tyros)
- Virtual ToneWheel derived from VK organ (real sliders!)
- great styles (especially "Live Band" styles. In general some of G70 styles have too much reverb as defaul but it is easy to tweak them)
- Vocal Harmonist (though I am not gigging)

Of Korg I donīt remember so much but it didn't "turn me on" like G70 did.

I have had it for 4 months and every time i play it I am more convinced that I made a right decision.

Of course these things are always a matter of taste and it depends what you you want from your instrument but I think one good rule is
that you let your ears decide.

Hope this helped you.

Kari V.

#302923 - 09/22/05 09:22 AM Re: G70 vs. Korg PA1x vs. Tyros... Recommendation?


I'm holding a Roland G-70 and I would like to hear some opinions about the topic:
- Which one you think will be the better? Roland G-70 whit OS 2 version installed or the new Yamaha Tyros 2???

I would like to hear opinions about that.


#302924 - 09/22/05 03:19 PM Re: G70 vs. Korg PA1x vs. Tyros... Recommendation?
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You'll need to wait a while, G-70 OS 2 not yet publicly available.

#302925 - 09/28/05 11:54 AM Re: G70 vs. Korg PA1x vs. Tyros... Recommendation?
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You'd get better feedback if you described what kinds of music you wish to perform. If working with loops and audio are important to you, the PA1X is probably the better way.

If you are looking for a 'meat and potatoes' good sounding arranger, with FAR better SMF compatibility, the G70 might be more up your street.

You don't state why you moved from Tyros to PA1X? What made you change?

And as I have said here in several posts, how come you keep changing your mind? If you buy a keyboard in the flush of first hearing it, you will often regret the decision (as you now appear to do). Try EVERYTHING before you buy. Spend HOURS in the store with each one. Bring SMFs you are familiar with to hear how they sound, and how much work you need to put into them to make them playable. Practice adjusting a Style to the way you like it...... How much work is it? Try to create a simple Style from scratch............ how easy is it? Play the best Piano sound for ten minutes alone........... does it inspire you?

The G70, for all those questions, answered 'yes' for me. You have to ask the questions before you will get a reply, or be doomed to repeat your failures (but your pusher - I meant dealer - will be happy!)

Your mileage may vary

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