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#238917 - 07/26/08 04:14 AM Install USB in a TYROS 1..........?
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has anyone done this yet?

#238918 - 07/26/08 11:20 AM Re: Install USB in a TYROS 1..........?
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My Zone Alarm Spy Blocker wouldn't let me access that tiny url site Donny so I'm not sure what you were referring to exactly.

If you're asking whether to install a Tyros USB driver on a computer to use it in conjunction with your Tyros my answer is there should be no problem in doing so. I have done it with no problem whatsoever.

There was an actual hardware issue with some Tyros' USB interfaces but it was corrected at the factory after the first few original shipments of Tyros' hit store shelves back in November 2002. Any subsequent shipments had been rectified of the USB problem by Yamaha at the factory.

So theoretically if your Tyros was one of the first to ship back in November of 2002 it might have the USB issue. BTW, from what I understand not all of first shipped Tyros' had the USB problem. Apparently it affected just a select bunch of them. The only way to find out if yours is affected or not would be to go ahead and install the 'latest' version of the Tyros USB driver on your computer and see what happens.

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#238919 - 07/26/08 12:37 PM Re: Install USB in a TYROS 1..........?
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The quality of the translation from German is such that it leaves you guessing as to what it really is they were selling.
But it seems they have a USB interface for Tyros which will allow to quote:
After installing the included drivers, the hard drive of your keyboard as a new drive to your computer visible. You can now directly on the hard drive of your keyboard access. Even the editing such as MIDI files and samples directly on your keyboard from their computer is now possible."

It's puzzling what is so special about it because all that seems possible with a direct USB connection from Tyros to PC anyway (with a Yamaha midi driver installed on the latter.)

The contents of the hard disc can be examined and edited (Explorer fashion on the PC) by setting Tyros to HDD mode. ie. Power off, push Music Finder button, power on keeping MF pressed till booting complete.

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