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#237515 - 07/06/08 07:47 AM ¿anyone using a UPS for one nighters? battery back-up?
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¿Is anyone using a UPS battery back-up power supply that does "one-nighters?" and if so what make and model...would be best for transporting?

I recently heard of an incidence at a gig where the power flicked off and on for a brief second...and it smoked the musician's power amp upon quick turn off and on. I think it stresses the bridge rectifers when there is not enough time alloted during turn on and off.

I would love to hear what UPS model and make anyone is using...the actual battery back-up time is not as important as just something to shield against a quick on & off scenario.

I realize any UPS is going to be heavy..and I am trying to get by with the smallest model possible amperage rating wise.
Thanks for your input.
Ron Finn in Port St. Lucie, Fl

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#237516 - 07/06/08 09:31 AM Re: ¿anyone using a UPS for one nighters? battery back-up?
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I work at home(technical services) and have an APC backup 1500w on my computer system. When the power goes out, I stay up and online for a good long time (1-2 hours) without any interuptions at all. When the power spikes up or off and on it also is seamless. They sell smaller versions that will handle the spikes and short outages without issues.

I would never plug in an expensive device into an electric socket without plugging into an APC first.

Hope that helps. I normally buy them online or Best Buy and Staples locally.

Linda F
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#237517 - 07/06/08 02:04 PM Re: ¿anyone using a UPS for one nighters? battery back-up?
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The thing is... these battery backup devices are designed for computers, monitors, printers, and yes, even keyboards and recording gear. But they are NOT designed to provide sufficient power to run a power amp, simply low load electronic devices. You actually CAN buy specific ones for very high capacity and drain, but they are very expensive and heavy.

To be honest, I've gone through innumerable brown-outs, complete power losses, lightning 'flickers' and the like, and I have never lost a power amp that way. They are, on the whole, pretty robust pieces of gear. Computers, and keyboards, OTOH, are far more susceptible to damage from this. So, when playing in less than optimal situations, I have a UPS that I put the keyboard on, but NOT the power amps.

The danger is that, if the power out is NOT just a flicker, but a complete loss of power, unless you shut down VERY quickly, the power amp will rapidly drain the battery, and you will STILL brown out the gear, including (and far more likely) browning out your keyboard or computer rig...

I live in Florida, capitol state of lightning.... By all means, protect your keyboards and delicate gear, but you will be unlikely to lose a power amp, in comparison
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