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#196930 - 02/27/01 05:42 PM PSR 8000, 9000, PA80, VA-3, MZ-2000
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Hi everyone,

My dad would like to get a keyboard.

He would like one with styles (is that what makes it an 'arranger'?) and also has a sequencer. He doesn't gig, so weight, and some other performance issues aren't important.

He'd love a Yamaha PSR 9000 or 9000-Pro, but can't afford it now.

He's seen a floor model PSR 8000 for about $1000? Do you think that would be good, or should he get a new model.

I generally don't like to get out-of-date stuff, so I was thinking he might like the Korg PA80, Roland VA-3, or Casio MZ-2000. All of which I've read favorable things here. None are available locally yet, and I think they'll cost a little more, but should be more current.

What do you guys think?

Thanks, ell

#196931 - 02/27/01 06:20 PM Re: PSR 8000, 9000, PA80, VA-3, MZ-2000
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Out of the 3 Keyboards you mentioned (Korg PA80, Roland VA-3, or Casio MZ-2000), the casio MZ seems the "best for your buck I would say. the PA80 falls into that "mid-range" catagory.

The VA-3 is a toned down version of the other two (VA-5/7 - which I don't rate too highly anyway (personal opinion), with the PA80 being a Toned down version of the Korg triton engine. It's hard to say which sounds best in writing, but the Casio is really a super keyboard, and has an excellent Piano on it. Also the Casio has a superior DSP effects section compared to the other two. there is a KN5000 which is, in my opinion, better than all three, but you must listen to them yourself, and then decide.


Tony, England, UK

#196932 - 02/27/01 06:47 PM Re: PSR 8000, 9000, PA80, VA-3, MZ-2000
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I would suggest looking at all the features on the Roland VA-3. I also played the Casio and I don't think their styles are as good as the Roland, and everything can be programmed on the VA-3 including styles and 16track songs. I don't know how the Casio handles the playback of midi files and loading styles from disk, but the VA-3 has a great interface for loading while playing styles and songs. I also like the sounds, especially the brass, guitars and strings much better on the roland. The piano sounds are probably equal between the Casio and the Roland. I can also say that Roland's technical support is the best in the US of any of the company's I deal with. Casio has always been way down on my list unless they've done something to change my mind recently. Also, for around $1000 .00, the Yamaha PSR 740 is another good choice as well. Not as good a sequencer, but the sounds, styles and vocal processor is good.
George Kaye
George Kaye
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#196933 - 02/28/01 11:37 AM Re: PSR 8000, 9000, PA80, VA-3, MZ-2000
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Hi Guys!

Thanks for the quick responses. I really appreciate it. Well, I told my dad what you said. It seems that any of those would be nice. And yes, I should have considered the Technics too-though I've never seen one in store.

Unfortunately, he's decide on get a lower end casio :-( keyboard and wait for better financial conditions, and maybe better keyboards-none of those we discussed here is actually available in local stores. yet.

Personally, I would have gone for a much better keyboard, but I can see that 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of the higher end stuff is attractive. After all, it's his money. I'm sure he'll have fun with it, but then again, you only live once. I hoped would go for something better.

Anyway, as has been seen in many threads here, the diverse choices can make it difficult.

Thanks for the help.



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