> The selection can be done by pressing the bank buttons + and - together.Titles just like titles for registrations(take a PC-keyboard!).
> My first 9000 disk has now 144 reg,40 new styles and 9 new voices
> (more voices will come with the OS 2).
> The price is 50 cents per registration,lets say 65$.
> To pay as a donation for any charity.We only want a copy of the receipt for your donation.In Germany there is a tax-bonus for donations.
> There are also 9 wonderful disks for 8000 with the power of mixing-consoles,equalizers and effects.Each completely full with registrations,new voices and new styles.
> Free demo-disk for 8000(9000-users can only take the styles from it).
Go to http://www.keyboards.bizland.com/links.htm
and than to Ralf Behrmann.