I'm using the cheapo Ensoniq PCI with NT 4.0 and Cakewalk Pro 8.0. It seems that even though I've got things set up right, I can't get my Roland TD-7 to trigger anything but the default drum kit on my computer (or keyboard sounds on other channels besides 10). I've downloaded different drum kit sound banks (.sf2), but no matter what I do with CakeWalk I can't make it play the other sounds! Any help greatly appreciated.

Also--a newbie MIDI question: why do some patch banks have general patch names like "Room" and "Standard" that suggest a complete drum kit, and others patch banks have patch names like "Snare" and "Ride" which suggest individual samples?

Oh, one more question: after hours of screwing around with it, I seemed to have eliminated channel 10 sounds on my pc (or at least in CakeWalk). Whereas I used to get the standard drum kit sound, now nothing plays, but other channels (keyboard sounds) play just fine. Any suggestions?