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#13560 - 05/24/99 01:16 PM EMU E4XT Ultra vs. Akai S5000

i want to buy a sampler, i dont really care about the ease of use (must be ok though), the only thing i really want is a fat, dynamic, powerful sound and good filters which have nice sounding cutoff and resonance...and good D/A converters
i am currently hesitating between an S5000, an EMU E4X and a ASR-10R (no resonance ...) ...since the music i plan to make is trance-goa, can someone give me hint about the qualities and drawbacks of these 3?

#13561 - 01/03/00 10:51 PM Re: EMU E4XT Ultra vs. Akai S5000
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Author Topic: E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use
Junior Member posted 12-06-1999 05:01 PM
Apologies for such a newbie question. I have just sold my trusty S-760 to buy a new E5000 Ultra. While I'm waiting for stock, my dealer loaned me a used E-4X Classic running EOS 4.01. I need to be up and running by the end of the week when I have a live gig to play. I'm going through the tedious process of converting my samples into EOS format. No problems here.

Here is my question:
I never used to send program changes to my S-760 when using it live. I would simply set up my performances (Roland-speak) which, for all-intensive purposes, are like a multi-mode setup for each song. So, all of the patches (or presets in EOS-speak) were set correctly for the appropriate midi channel. It appears from reading the manual that EOS does not have a method similar to this. ie Multi-mode is global per bank. Does everyone usually load in banks for each song and send program changes to get the desired presets on appropriate channels when using it live? I usually don't go with a pre-defined set-list and hit the next song on a vibe and what feels right for me. I'll typically be loading in a bank between songs but the sampler won't be in use for every song.

Anyone have suggestions for what works in a live setting? Any help you can offer is *greatly* appreciated as I have a limited amount of time to get this to happen by the end of the week.

Thanks in advance.


Marcel de Bie
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I don't own an Eos Sampler but I use an ESI-4000 live.
What I do is load all the presets for my whole set into a bank. I currenly have 16meg of RAm Which seems to be more than enough for an hour set. I then assign program changes in each song which correspond to the preset number of the preset(s) I want to use for the song. When I push play i my sequencer the program changes recall the required preset.


sonic research A'damm

Don't buy Akai S5000/S6000 sampler.
I used an S6000 for 3month. -never ever
again. The hardware is good, but it starts
with the graphics and the use of the "big" display.Almost everything you want to
do on the sampler takes more time than on
any ultra-EOS. The advantages of the huge
memory doesn't change the missprogramming
of the software. There are a lot of details..

the article from EOS live:

I mostly play live. I always use a E4K
(EOS3.0b)and a E4XTultra as main samplers.
There is a little hint in the manual how to
create different Multimode-setups in the manual: Use the "initial track state" page
for it. Everytime you start such a sequence
(that is just containing intial track-state
parameters) the presets change in the Multimode... I actually never use this function because I use two launchpads(EMU controller) to send prg.-changes. I change
almost everything in the sampler during a
live-act.(I play sometimes up to 12 hours
non-stop. I modify instruments specially for
live purposes and I use all controller in the
EOS controlled by infrared-sensores and other weird stuff...)If a sampler iis made
for using it live then it's a EOS. If you have more, or more detailed questions, feel free to contact me. Bob- sr "Livesetter"


#13562 - 01/04/00 06:46 AM Re: EMU E4XT Ultra vs. Akai S5000
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Go and have a listen to each of them. They are both good sounding units. I find the E-mu's to be a bit more warm-sounding and more transparent while the Akai's have a hyped, crunchy sound. The Akai's are excellent for drums and percussive type sounds. I find the E-mu's great for acoustic and synth sounds. You can achieve a similar hyped sound on the E-mu's by using eq and compression and possibly an exciter.

Anyway, I had the same question in my mind about a month ago. I decided on the new E-5000 Ultra by E-mu. Locally, the S-5000 is $1000 more expensive. I nearly went with an E4XT Ultra but it was a little expensive for me now and I thought that for the same price, I could get a second E5000 in the future. The biggest drawbacks with the E5000 is only 4 outputs standard (can be expanded to 12) and a 64-note polyphony limit. Getting a second E5000 gives me the 128-note polyphony with the added bonus of being able to load up 256 MB RAM and a second unit in case the first one goes down.

The Akai S5000/6000 OS still seems to have a few bugs and I cannot afford to beta test OS's on a sampler I will use in a live setting. If I was in the studio, I wouldn't worry about it too much though as the major bugs do seem to have been fixed.

If you want any more details or have any questions, email me. HTH


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