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#13554 - 11/19/98 04:46 PM EOS 4 ???
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I called E-Mu here in UK and asked some loaded questions about the potential features and release date of the next EOS ; I have had generally good experiences with my beloved E-Synth but the inability to read WAV files and a few other niggles would be a treat to have addressed in a new version of the OS. Has anyone heard any gossip about this? The E-Mu guy seemed to think that a release in early '99 was imminent....

#13555 - 02/23/99 01:13 PM Re: EOS 4 ???

I phoned EMu today and they told me that EOS 4.0 will be released in 2 weeks time - don't hold your breath - remember the delay with EOS 3.0?
Has anyone any info on the additional functions etc that the new upgrade will bring?

#13556 - 02/23/99 04:07 PM Re: EOS 4 ???
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I emailed EMU a couple weeks ago to ask about the translation of AKAI formatted disks. EOS 4.0 will, when released, translate four layers instead of the two EOS 3.0x and before were capable of translating.

All the rest of the features have been in the standard trade magazines and mentioned on the emulator mailing list.

#13557 - 02/24/99 09:06 AM Re: EOS 4 ???
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EMU have said that EOS4 will import .wav over floppy originally and will also import s3000 as well as everything they used to do. I've heard that the Ultras will be available at Frankfurt Music Messe and thereafter. EOS4 is supposed to ship with them so I think its going to be available seperately shortly after that......but hey, who knows!!!


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