thats wild about the img shame some rurnt it for the many...ah well
I am amazed at what midi keys did in the decade after the cp 70 was overtaken as the premeir stage key-set by an "under-arm axe" for us key boyz....
I applaud the midi movement and its many way-greater-than-me well as all those likely here on this board, my best to you all and I hope I ain't PO-d nobody already just by the name I assumed... altho I would blame no-one, I am well zappy I seized it...
'Pleasure indeed to make the acquaintance of any all everyone I get to meet here....'frankly I was silly not to have souht out this sooner.. not that I wouldn't be astonished if I actually locate anyone whose done what I am hoping to learn how to do it from, or at least get an idea from a much smarter-than-me circuit-board-understanding keyman, or any type anyone with an idea of what I wanna ask help in figuring out.

Maybe I'll get lucky and the thing will be easier than I dreamed I know the stuff is right there under the dozen or so screwss that hold the case together housing the massive keyboard and microscopic circuitry of a typical midi keyboard

I can't see a valid reason why a person who is not "afeerd" of the idea...couldn't use the midi output as its seperated composite channels...THATS ALL I WANNA DO

(so I can better mix & manipulate not a composition but its seperated components)

I also wanna confer with anybody else besides myself who is actually using the recorded midi sounds for creating new samples and other stuff..or trying, and/or anyone attempting to utilize "auto-accompaniment" in lieu of "other players" (namely drums, bass,& rhythm instrument) underlayment or accompanyment to record into pc/DAW as basic digital track for demo songs or "original compositions"
I am doing this in the way i described for my unique reason which is the fact I am simply alone for the time being and I am able to explore, discover, and express both previous as well as totally fresh sounds and sequences, etc. as the computer is proficient as myself in most areas and way better in the rest.. when compared to other means of research and exploration into fresh ideas for compositions and samples etc.

thanks for any comments