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#12990 - 10/05/04 03:44 AM My wk3000 website has been updated
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For new wk3000/3100/3500 info and links see:


#12991 - 10/05/04 08:56 AM Re: My wk3000 website has been updated
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Thanks, Stephen.

The WK-3xxx is a great keyboard, but there are always niggling little things that need explanation, so having this forum is great. I read the other forum almost every day and will now switch to this one. Maybe Casio is going the way of Creative, as in not realizing how important their products are to performing and recording musicians, and instead catering to just the consumer market. They could have it both ways, but apparently choose not to.



#12992 - 10/06/04 08:35 AM Re: My wk3000 website has been updated
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It appears the CTK-691 is the 61 key version of the WK-3000.

Is there a 61 key version of the WK-1630?

I had a WK-1800 once, and am currently selling my WK-3000 on eBay ( )

because I need the money. But to be honest, I've always enjoyed these Casio boards and will miss the WK-3000. I like using them when just hacking around outside at a park or something, playing along with someone else on acoustic guitar. So I'm pretty sure I will once again buy something. I was very satisfied with the WK-1800 but do not need a diskette. I'll not be doing any sequencing at all with the board. The to be more portable I'm thinking 61 keys.

So is there a 61 key version of the WK1600/1630/1800 series boards?



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