After much trial and error, Soundbridge ver. 3.0.0 won't load wav or syx files. Nothing appears anywhere on the list within the program window. I've tried everything obvious, beginning with testing I/O ("success: Alesis qs8 v01.02"). Soundbridge is apparently aware of the absence (error message) or presence (able to erase) of any memory card(512KB SRAM
& 8MB Flash, both purchased from Pretec & specified for Alesis QS).

Either the filename doesn't appear or after 1 or 2 tries, the program stops responding. There is no way to tell if the addition of the file is a lengthy process, and the only way out is to CTL-ALT-DEL. Complete removal and reinstallation of the program does not help.

A rep. at Pretec suggested a driver contained in a file "": DiskOnChip(R) TrueFFS(R) driver for Windows XP and Windows XP embedded Version 5.0.35, released on November 13, 2001. I'm not sure it will help & I'm reluctant to open up Pandora's Box, so to speak, at least not
without consulting Alesis first.

I have Win98 on a separate hard drive, but my most recent attempt to get it to run properly was unsuccessful. It ran once beforein Win98, but it was always a bit flaky. I'm trying to get it to work on
XP home ed.

With Win98, I'm using the Alesis serial driver 3.04. It works with other programs, such as Cakewalk Sonar and Alesis supplied Unisyn.

With WinXP, I'm using the Roland serial driver ver. The Alesis supplied Unisyn program sort of works, but seems to be sending only programs, not mixes, and for mixes, seems to be transmitting
effects, not programs. Cakewalk Sonar sucessfully sends complete banks by sysex.

Therefore, I think Soundbridge should be able to detect the QS8. Are there any better port settings? I'm not sure what all of those parameters will do. Likewise, the Roland driver settings seem to be
simple, but I had to drill down deep to get at those, so who knows what else lurks in the device manager.

Other info: AMD 950 Athlon, 256 MB memory, VIA chipset on Microstar mainboard 6330-lite3, Creative Soundblaster PCI 128 (driver ver., 10/26/01).

I've tried all of the forums, but any information pertaining to Win XP does not exist. Support for the QS8, 8.1 & possibly 8.2 seems to end prior to win XP, & I can't blame Alesis for Microsoft's endless quest
for maintaining revenues by creating new OS's.

What disk, if any, was furnished with the newer QS8.2? Can I download a copy via broadband? Would it even work? Can I get both Soundbridge and possibly even Unisyn to work properly?

Any reply would be warmly appreciated!


David Wolff