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#12169 - 08/14/00 01:07 AM S-3000 Xl bad midi timing???????????Help me!
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Im an Akai owner since a couple a week ago.
First I just sat down and play around with the machine,sample and try to learn how to map sound and so on.

And now I have got a little soundlibrary
and will start to set up a couple of sound in
And what happened.....
First of all I recorded a drumgroove and then
I should record some strings and its now
the drums doesnt got that tight midi timing
I have tried to change the priority in different ways but nothing help me and I have
reserve voices enough for both part.

Can it probably be my new ram memory which
is to slow or?

Can anyone help me because this really sucks?

#12170 - 08/15/00 05:44 AM Re: S-3000 Xl bad midi timing???????????Help me!
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Are you sure the problem is with the sampler?

It could be a sequencer problem. What resolution are you running you sequencer at.

Some people seem to run Cakewalk and other sequencers at the default 120 ticks/beat without ever realising you can't define a 32 note accurately.

I've never heard anyone complaining the Akai is that slow, there are a lot of them about.



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