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#117286 - 04/28/05 07:03 AM Determing prior settings from recorded midi
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Yamaha psr2000.

SHORT: When you record a song, can you later tell all of the keyboard settings you used to get that sound?


I don't know how I lucked up into this sound. I thought back and seems I was going through some songs in the super-size MusicFinder database I have that I had downloaded from (2000+ records). I am pretty sure that is where I came upon this group of settings. But I went back and could not find the song that pulled them up.

Anyway, when I originally stumbled upon the settings, I kept noodling around with the song, got inspired, and began kind of jamming and 'writing' a song. After about 20 minutes of continuously playing this 'song,' I decide, heck, I'd better record all of this so I won't lose it. Because I liked it a lot. It was late night and I went to bed after I got the recording.

Good news, I have that recording. But is there any way I can tell the settings that were used when I recorded the song?

Point being, all of the particular settings (and obviously, there are many you could tweak on a keyboard like this)... all of that combined to create this very cool overall sound. And I'd like to know what I did to get it. Haha.

Because whatever all of the overall settings were, it was RIGHT.

Seems I recall when I had the psr740 that there was a way you COULD determine the style used on a recorded song you'd done on that keyboard. But I wish I could determine ALL of the keyboard settings I used on this 'song.'
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#117287 - 04/29/05 02:02 PM Re: Determing prior settings from recorded midi
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hi semi, was it a midi recording or an audio recording? if midi, load it up into your sequencer on PC and just open the list editor all the bank/patch/sysex info is stored with the song...if an audio recording, unfortunately you will have to rely on your ears...if midi, does the yamaha have its own storage format for midi files created on it? or are they GM 1 or 2? or XG? i would assume they'd be XG, but you never know...


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#117288 - 04/30/05 05:00 AM Re: Determing prior settings from recorded midi
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If you quick recorded the midi, the style used will be recorded in the file. You can use MidiPlayer to identify it. And then you can try all the OTS settings to see if there is a match.

Otherwise, the information on the sound is all there in the recorded midi. Just look in a sequencer under the channel used for the right hand voices (1 or 2). Decoding the sysex is harder and you may need CasmEdit, MidiPlayer or Style Dump to do it. Setting up the instrument with the same parameters will be more time consuming unless you get lucky and can discover which OTS was used.

But you probably can use this midi to recreate the sound without looking up all the settings. Load the midi into your sequencer and remove the note events. Then record what you play using the 'stripped midi' as the file. Have local set to Off on the PSR and have the sequencer echo what you play to the midi out. It means starting and stopping the sequencer, but it might be quicker.




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