Hello, friends, and a happy new year for all.

A friend of mine is looking for an arranger kb, price about 1.000 eur (900 dollars, I think). He likes Roland and Yamaha, so he thinks PSR-1000 or new Roland EM-55 (similar price, about 1.000 eur). But he can't see the Roland, because it isn't in stores yet.

So, he has a doubt about it to may compare it with PSR.

So, if some of you knows something about EM-55, I would like to know two things:

1. How many Mb it has four sounds?

2. Is it possible to change voices and volume assigned to arrangement parts, and mute them?

I have seen that kb on the net, and seing its bottons and screen, I think these changes are not possible, because it seems to me styles are fixed. But perhaps I think bad...

Thanks a lot.