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#112596 - 09/13/01 08:17 AM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
Rube Offline

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I have a neghbor here in PR whos went to NY to get a job there and make a better life. Was calling to see if he was ok. since what happend there...finally yesterday got a email from him..had a sigh of releive since I've known him since I've been here...he works in Manhattan, sometimes in WTC as a zerox repairman he is...that day he was send there for a call...and as he stood ready to go there, were he works 14th floor ready to leave...he saw the plane hit and later on, the two buildings collapse...he told me if it was later on the day that this would happend...he probly would not be here today...Im still stuned and angry..I was born in NY and so was my daughter...and thats were I was brought see this is like tearing part of my life away...He also attached the following to the email:


"In the year of the new century and nine months,
>From the sky will come a great King of Terror,
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city . . . . "

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
Two Brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures,
The great leader will succumb, the third big war will begin when
The city is burning.."

Year of the new century and nine monrths = September 2001
45 degrees = New York City 45 degrees north latitude
Fire = jet fuel explosions
Great New City = New York is great city of new world
Two Brothers = Twin towers of WTC
Chaos = enough said
Fortess endures = The pentagon still stands

Third big war = ?????? WW3 ??

God bless us all....
Rube, Puerto Rico

#112597 - 09/13/01 03:04 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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Yes, we should mourn, we should bury, and we should resolve this by finding and bringing the b*stards to justice, but we should also do something else -- plan for the future.

Being in the line of work I am, I have been thinking about how a repeat of this can be prevented in the future. I sometimes do this as part of my work, and a couple of things have come to me. I hope you don't mind my sharing the slightly more brutal and realistic side of my job:

1. we will need to retrofit our airliners with an access-proof pilot compartment. A solid metal wall between the pilots and cabin, with the cockpit accessible only through its own dedicated door(s) way up front.

2. two or more undercover officers on EVERY flight, dressed as passengers, one seated somewhere near the front and one near the back, equipped with LTL (Less-Than-Lethal) weapons (designed to shoot projectiles such as small beanbags, rubber bullets, wooden blocks, etc., that will not kill nor penetrate the fuselage wall -- we have this technology now, in fact I've used it already on duty).

3. an agreement worded into every airline ticket purchase denoting Implied Consent (much like drunk driving laws now, which are legal and have passed courtroom tests) specifying that when a threat arises, all able-bodied passengers SHALL ASSIST in bringing under control those who would represent that threat. If you disagree, you don't fly.

Armed with the above, and especially after an incident or two transpires wherein these adjustments turn out to have made the difference between the loss, and maintenance of, control over the aircraft, potential terrorists would have to abandon public air transport as their avenue of means and look elsewhere.

Just my 2, and the only way I can continue to keep my mind on the positive side of things.

Regards and Aloha,

Regards and Aloha,


#112598 - 09/13/01 04:05 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
sk880user Offline

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NOSTRODAMUS 1654: a known false prophet but a cunning guy who after writing all of this, rearranged the words so many times, so that no one can really get what he wrote and so that it can be interpreted anyway you want.

"In the year of the new century: In the year 2000.

and nine months: September 2000. there was a nine year old infant

From the sky will come a great King of Terror: the king of thiefs came from the ceiling to steal. The infant was very scared.

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees, however: the house started burning and the temperature of the ceiling increased to 45 degrees centigrade.

Fire approaches the great new city . . . . : the house was in the new suburbs of Jerusalem.

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder: the city of Jerusalem burnt as well for it is the city of God.

Two Brothers torn apart by Chaos: the nine month old infant died leaving his brother (who was not in the house and not in the city) alone sad in chaos.

while the fortress endures: however the temple mount stayed alive.

The great leader will succumb: The great leader (pick one) will succumb to war

the third big war will begin when
The city is burning..: The lost city was a sad incident in history and drove multiple parties blaming each other and accusing each other of intentionally burning the city. ALL the armies of the world gather to fight it out.

The possibilities are limitless,

#112599 - 09/13/01 11:30 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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I haven't words for this action.
A normal person will not understand this action. My pray's are with the American people now. Let hope that this "never" happens in the future.

Every time a tree is cut down here on earth, i believe it will grow again somewhere else-in some other world. So, when i die, it is to this place that i want to go, where forest live in peace... ACJ

#112600 - 09/14/01 01:57 AM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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I too think that Nostradamus' prophecies lend themselves to different interpretations, but there is no doubt that a grim future is overlooking us, at least for the next months. There are voices of an armed response against countries involved or supporting terrorists and this probably means a new conflict like the Gulf War and all the experts concur that the economy recession will last until the beginning of next year at least. In this moment talking of keyboards seems so futile, but maybe it's just a way of escape from a reality that is hard to accept. People are reacting in different ways and I have read that in USA many young people are volunteering for the Army. Maybe in times like these all the masks fall and one is faced with his/her inner truth.
Words seem so inadeguate...
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#112601 - 09/14/01 02:59 AM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
flowerssupply Offline

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Loc: Ireland
During my 22 years keeping adolescents in our house I learned much from it. Brendan came here from a probation hostel and continuet to steal when he stole from us (small amounts) we found it hard, we were challenged by it and tried all the usual things to get him to stop, eg lectures, exhortations, recovery programmes. In desperation I asked the person who asked us to keep Brendan for help. He said there are no real consequences to his stealing, I was astonished as he had been beaten jailed etc and I said this but I was advised that these things were not consequences they were punishments !! and I was also advised that Brendan stole because he was not loved and when he was Physically beaten for stealing he knew he was not loved. So thus informed and with some further growth on my part (and my wife's part also) we continued.Some time later Brendan Took my Van (music van -- mitsubishi L300 almost new ) and crashed. I held him as he lay on the ground and I told him that he was more important to me the any piece of tin or gold. Brendan never stole again. Basically we allowed him to feel the consequences of his action and if we had punished him his attention would have been taken to the punishment. He felt the consequences and he felt loved - love is the most powerfull thing I know but it is hard to use it at times. Anger can make us love or fear.This and many more things happened in our home. Pierce In Ireland.

#112602 - 09/14/01 05:32 AM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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I did medical work at the site yesterday. Rest assured that it is a very organized and well equiped operation. Whatever is need at that site is brought in without fail. Every tpe of rescue vehicle,construction machinery,generators,etc is brought in with escort like a presidential motorcade. If you would like to send supplies: particle filter masks,goggles,socks,underwear and work boots are consumed very rapidly ( send to Javit's center or the Red Cross).

Thousands of iron and construction workers are lined up around the block at the Javit's Center ready to go in. Food and water is plentiful. The closer you get to the site the more the acrid smell, the more the irritating smoke,the more the security, (police and military). The worker commaradery is so high all trying to get to any who may be alive (5 fireman and 10 police found yesterday).

The obstacles are staggering: the fires remain burning , the debris is shifting, the surrounding buildings are unstable (the concussion of the WTC collapse was equivalent to a 2.7 earthquake), the basement ot the WTC extends 6 stories underground, the dust and now mud is added to the 460,000 tons of debris on top,within this smoldering stew of debris are the ruptured and fragmented personal and biological remains of 5,000. These are lives that cover many nationalities & religions. Their loved ones congregate at Bellvue and the Armory desperate for any word, poster boards at these locations are covered with thousands of I.D. pictures.

The most moving visual at this time, besides the obvious, is that of alongside the the rescue & construction workers are the firemen who have been here from before the start. Searching for their colleagues trapped while trying to evacuate the WTC. These are New York's bravest, 300 or more of whom were lost when they fearlessly rushed into the doomed builings to do what they did best.

The next wave of emotion for all of us is going to be that of the human tragedy which will take focus at funeral and memorial services in the not to distant future. The most moving emotion now is the absolutely undefeatable New York spirit to take on full frontal whatever obstacle without hesitation.

#112603 - 09/14/01 05:43 AM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
arnothijssen Offline

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I am here in Atlanta GA, everything is ok here but people are affraid of more attacks.

God Bless America
Arno Thijssen

#112604 - 09/10/02 08:02 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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from last year ..........what a great forum we have . God Bless everyone .


#112605 - 09/10/02 08:20 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
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It doesn't seem possible that a year has passed. My wife had to fly to Baton Rouge today on business on a company plane. She took off from Shreveport Downtown Airport, about 5 miles from Barksdale Air Force Base, and all flights were diverted from getting even close to Barksdale AFB. So I guess we are on high alert here.

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