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Really never liked the SG. Always preferred a Les Paul, but the "V" is neat. I used it this week-end strapped high on my neck and kicked pedals and played solos with my B-3. Alternated between Rhodes and Guitar solos. A little bulky, but great sounding and feeling instrument. A Stienberger works much better for this purpose.

Since it's an inexpensive faded model, I am thinking about puttig a custom candy finish on it. The faded finish starts to quickly rub off, and I don't really want to touch the finish on better, collectible instruments. I'll post a photo when it's done.


Well Russ, I agree but couldn't afford one when I was 19 years old. (I own 6 LP's at the moment. ) Nevertheless the SG will not be sold since she served me very well during 10 years of semi professional playing, so it's more or less my baby. On top it's worth much more these days as what I ever payed in 1970 (it's the Standard cherry with the engraved lyre in complete original condition, only the frets were flattened once)

By the way if I have to change guitar/keybord I usually switch the guitar on by back, so it's not in the way while playing keys. (I use straplocks)
The only downer is that no play guitar of mine is without those small damages caused by mike stands in the way...

At the moment I use either my PRS or one of my LP's.

Keep on rocking...

We should actually post this in the bar section, since this is a synthzone...

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