I own the KN7000 keyboard, and have tried many speaker systems.
Bose 901's $1300 with high current amp, $1000..sounded good, but heavy and expensive.
I tried 2 Mackie Hr824 studio monitors $1300, sounded very nice and clear, but expensive and heavy.
Also, the Bose L1 compact system, $999 nice but not enough punch, soft on the lows. I tried the
Bose L1 Model 11 system with single bass, $2300, also nice but would need an extra bass module.
That system was more for on stage with 500 or so.

I recently purchased the Bose Cinemate Series 11 Digital Home Theater Speaker System, for $599. It has 2
array speakers, a bass module with bass control, and a small remote for on off and sound control. It has
all the power and lows that I need for gigs. An audience of 100 would be fine. I use a small Mackie equalizer
which enhances the bass and tone nicely. I also use this for karaoke, and the vocals are solid. With Bose, after
you purchase it, you can return it within 30 days, if you are not satisfied, with a full refund.
I am also interested in anyone who has tried this system. You need to hear it to believe it.