I just want to extend a warm welcome to all the new members of this Technics Forum and thank you all for the vote of confidence. Thanks to all those that have always been here and are now posting here again. We need you all and all those yet to come. This will be the best Forum of them all in time. I looked at the numbers today and see that Nearly 1000 people have posted into this forum and many of these posts have come in the days since we all begin to move over here from the "other place". It is gratifying to see that you are starting to post topics and we are beginning to now function as a forum. I knew it would take awhile to get over the shock of being dispossessed at the "other place" but now that we are all here, let us make the best of it and get on with the happy busines of making music and helping each other do the same. My best to all of you and have a super great year on the best forum in the world.

Bill Forrest in SAN JOSE, CALIF. USA
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