Having owned Technics keyboards form the Kn1000 to four different Kn7000 I have their operating was great, it was before its time.

But, there is always a BUT I found working with midi files and sharing them with others was nightmare. I was able to create a midi files, and as Roger said, using technics sounds. The major problem was no matter how good it sounded when it was used with a different keyboard the instrument sounds were no longer the great Technics sounds. The sounds were created by the instrument they were played on; which means the midi file that was created on my Kn7000 never sounded the same.

The Kn7000 was not made with the thought of sharing midi files. When I used the files I converted them to audio format. They were good but you could not edit them.

I find that the midi files of today have improve a lot. Soooo, my friend and I worked out procedure to convert free midi files into Technics midi files. We were able to use all the Technics sounds, edit the drums, used the pads, and the Memories banks.

When I sold my last Kn7000 the buyer said I would miss it he was right.

John C.