While waiting for version 4.0, I would like to get to better understand few things about SD1 style memory.
If I get it right, styles are divided into 198 ROM styles, which cannot be replaced and 109 Flash RAM Styles which can be replaced. Ketron calls them all Custom Styles (307 of them).
On the other hand we can also import styles from HD into Flash memory.
This is what I'm not sure I understand correctly:
 when we edit a Custom style (can be from RAM or Flash RAM I suppose) and we save it internally, it is said that the saved style with all the parameters goes into Flash RAM - this must mean there's only 109 places available for Custom style modifications
 there's a possibility to save all custom styles in a group - if ROM styles can't be touched that means only 109 Flash RAM styles are saved in a group
 when we restore factory Flash RAM from folder 90, we replace only 109 Flash RAM styles and not all 307 styles

I wonder when version 4.0 comes will it replace all custom (198+109) or just Flash RAM styles - are ROM styles untouchable or not ?
Comments appreciated to help me thinking!