"Doru Malaia - Words 1 (male) - Baby"

Here :

can be downloaded (and use it for free !) :

"Doru Malaia - Words 1 (male) - Baby" (refill version 6,2 mb, wavs version 21,8 mb ( 12,7 mb compressed as .zip ) - 39 one-shot vocal wav samples .

All of those samples were recorded at 96000 hz/24 bits , processed and then dithered down to 16 bit ! All of those are original and produced by myself .

All samples are royalty-free. This means that you can use the samples in your own projects (commercial or not) without paying any further royalties (but you are, however, not allowed to sell or redistribute any or all of the samples as a sample pack , refill , sf2, etc, or on a sample CD).

Enjoy my friends !


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