Nice playing,a great version.... Kudos.

Comments..? OK

I'd take a look at dropping the volume of the piano part a tad (more than a tad, actually ), and you might take a crack at putting roughly the same amount of reverb on it as the rest of the track. It just sounds a little dry and in-your-face compared to the track (or style, whatever).

Other than that, pretty much spot on, although I tend to like just a hair less overall reverb, but I know bigband is often very ambient. Just don't forget, if you are playing into a large-ish room already, it's going to add a fair bit of ambience itself. Start out with as much as you might possibly need, and it's going to get over the top and muddy out in the audience...

BTW, I know that's the Sonic Cell piano... No Yamaha ever sounded that detailed and warm at the same time! Push it back in the mix and soundscape a bit, and you are in jazz heaven!