i have just added the folowing styles to my 10 year old keyboard

1. Korg PA1X jazz,styles . Funk styles,ballads
2. KN7000 Ballroom styles , jazz styles
3. Tyros styles

Got them all from the PSR tutorial and yes they need a lot of tweaking but i did not spend 4000 to get new styles. And all of those styles i could have created from scratch mysel with 10 yrear old technology.

I am certain Beakiybird that you would be just as good a musician today and make just as much money if you had stuck with the one keyboard. Your oudience is unlikely to know that they are listening to a 10 year old keyboard from a 6 month old keyboard. But you willhave discovered more fullty what you can do with your instrument once you have really probed its depths.

Enjoy your PSR 3000 . I am sure it is a great board.But i dont believe that it the step up in sound that you believe it to be other than a handfull of sounds like the much vaunted soprano sax on the 3000 which is the same sax on the psr 9000 (which is lovely never the less) and perhaps richer drums.