Vquestor, things are going very well. I expect to see a new Beta version for forte soon. Although for my purposes everything is working very well indeed. Further, there should be a new version of Live-Styler soon with some interesting new features. For me the harmony feature is of some interest.

I just installed an update for Sonar 3.0 and it has some problems. I noticed the update page in Cakewalk has suddenly disappeard. This is a bit of a pain. With Sonar 3.0, I have VSampler 3.01 but have not spent a whole lot of time with it as yet. It provides an option to LiveSynth Pro should I need to use it.

I have not got Halion v2.0. So I cannot say how well it will work with respect to program changes or drums. My guess is that the same issues will apply with respect to the drums, i.e., XG vs GM compatibility. Halion, however, is receiving very good reviews. Should LiveSynth Pro become a less desireable alternative then moving towards Halion for both the Accompaniment and the Lead/Melody voices looks very appealing. This would need some testing - Halion is expensive.