in order to download .efe files from the internet, you either have to change something in your browser... i don't remember what, but i know that one of the help files out there tells you how... otherwise right click on the link and select "Save Link As."

as for EPS-Disk, that's a bit more complicated to explain... what you have to do is have the program (Epsdisk.exe) in a folder with a bunch of .efe files. Run it, then type "T" for Type, which refers to file type, and select from the list the number of what you want... then select "W" for Write, then it asks where you want to write to, which would be yer floppy disk drive (on my 'puter, it's a: ) then it asks for something else, don't type anything just hit Enter, then it asks for the file you want to write from, so you'd type whatever the name is the sample (Example.efe or something...)

check out this page if you haven't already found it...

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