You can get the exact same effect as having the sustain button found on the Yamaha's with a Casio WK-3300. The 3300 has basic synth parameters. To get this sustain you just adjust the "release" of the tone. Adjusting the "release" in the positive direction will give you that sustain, BUT it doesn't take much to get that effect. The edit will be minute, and you'll get the same effect as the sustain buttons found on the Yamaha's. You could also then save that edited tone to a user tone slot and just call that voice up like any other without having to constantly reset the release.., or save it to performance.

If memory serves me correctly.., the 3300 has ONE jack that doubles as the phones/output. To get L/R you'd have to go with the higher end 3800 (unless they dropped that feature on this model)

I used to have the Casio WK-3500 by the way. Exactly the same in operation.

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