The CMI was a revolutionary product that was one of the first commercial audio sampling products introduced to the music world.

Fairlight Resources

  • Fairlight
  • Fairlight is famous for being one of the first companies to release a commercial sampling workstation. They now make high end DAW systems. You also can read archived Fairlight Newletters.
  • CMI Control
  • Software that allows CMI control from a PC running Windows.
  • CVI
  • Fairlight also made the CVI video processor.
  • Hermann Seib - CMI IIx
  • Resources and info for the CMI IIx.
  • Holmes Page
  • Good site for Fairlight CMI info, discussion and resources.
  • K.M.I
  • Also provides info as well as pictures and links to Fairlight resources.
  • Synth Museum - Fairlight
  • Synth Museum's page with info about Fairlight's background in sampler production.
  • Virtual Music - Fairlight CMI
  • Experts on PPG, Fairlight CMI IIX, Elka Synthex and OSCar.
  • Wikipedia - Fairlight CMI
  • Wikipedia's page for the Fairlight.

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