Editors & Librarians
MIDI-OX provides sysex transmit and receive for Windows and is free for non-commercial use.

Patch Editor & Librarian Links
  • Changeit
  • Freeware Windows sysex librarian with Roland JV/XP and XV, Korg 01/W family and generic sysex and MIDI Sample Dump Standard support.
  • Ctrlr
  • Control any MIDI enabled hardware: Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Samplers, Effects. Create custom user interfaces. Host them as VST or AU plugins in your favorite DAWS.
  • GLib
  • GLib is a freeware generic editor librarian for Win95. Source code is available for those that want to recompile it.
  • JSynthLib
  • A shareware Java synth librarian for Windows and Gnu/Linux. Supports the Boss DR660, Emu Proteus MPS, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Kawai K4 / K4r, Kawai K5000, Korg Electribe ER1, Novation Nova 1, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Oberheim Matrix 6 / 6r, Yamaha DX21 / DX27 / DX100, Yamaha TG33, and Yamaha TX81z.
  • Midi Editor
  • Windows Midi Manager & configurable editing, demo available. With numerous presets furnished for Alesis, Casio, E-mu, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Sequential, Yamaha... Help file in French or English. See the Sound Factory for various synth patches.
  • MIDI-OX 6.0
  • Is a Win9x multipurpose MIDI tool and sysex librarian, has been released and is available for download. Also available from Yamaha UK.
  • Midi Quest
  • Sound Quest's Windows & Mac universal editor with support for over 250 synths. Also Solo Quest for individual synths is available for the budget conscious.
  • Noize - Terzoid Software
  • Noize is a low cost universal synth patch editor for Win3.1 & Win95. Updates & demos can be downloaded from their web site.
  • Pack'em
  • Universal librarian for the Mac that allows you to store and organize midi sysex files. Presented by Setsu Homepage for you to download (English & Japanese versions) Use in conjunction with midi Send It for midi communication.
  • SoundLib
  • Windows synth patch librarian with support for a number of synths. It was shareware but as it is no longer supported it has been released as freeware. Registration info is provided. You may be able to download the program it from this FTP Archive.
  • SoundTower
  • Create editors for many synths.
  • SysEx
  • Freeware Macintosh universal system exclusive librarian with some added features for the Korg Wavestation and Roland D5/20/10/110 synths.
  • SyxLibEd
  • A Win9X shareware sysex librarian with support for over 70 MIDI devices. Available for download. If the homepage is down download from SMM. SysexDb is a database of sysex messages for a large number of synths.
  • Unisyn
  • MOTU produce Unisyn for the Mac. Good support for almost all midi devices, plus some great patch creation tools. Can 'snapshot' your entire rig with one click. Good ongoing company support.

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