Doepfer Zone

Doepfer Links

  • Doepfer
  • Official site of Doepfer in Germany. English language option available. Info on Doepfer products which include analog sequencer, synthesizers and Midi/CV interfaces.
  • Doepfer USA
  • Enport distribute Doepfer synthesizers in the US as well as products from Analogue Solutions, Analogue Systems, Touched by Sound and Sherman.
  • A-100 - Doepfer Forum
  • A discussion for Doepfer A-100 users.
  • Doepfer Reviews - Harmony-Central
  • A collection of Doepfer synth reviews at Harmony-Central.
  • A-100 Group
  • A Yahoo group for A-100 modular users.
  • A-100 - ModularPlanet
  • Patch diagrams for the Doepfer A-100 modular synth plus MP3 recordings of their sound.
  • A112 Sample Dumper
  • Freeware that allows you to dump WAV samples to your Doepfer A112
  • MAQ16/3 Group
  • A new group for users of the MAQ16/3 analog sequencer.
  • Synthesizer Network
  • Swedish analogue synthesizer site with some specs on selected synths including the A-100 modular.
  • Music Machines - Doepfer
  • Doepfer info at Music Machines.
  • Sound Diver - Emagic
  • A full featured universal sound editor for the Mac with support for the Doepfer LMK3 as well as many other synths, samplers & midi devices.

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