Dave Smith Instruments
Dave Smith creator of the Prophet 5 and Wavestation is back making cutting edge hardware products at an affordable price. SonicState check out the DSI Evolver,

Dave Smith Instruments Resources

  • Dave Smith Instruments
  • Dave Smith talks about the latest Poly Evolver is the latest analog/digital synth from Dave Smith well known for his work with Sequential Circuits on the Prophet-VS.
  • DSI Evolver - On The Run
  • A nice tutorial on programming the Evolver to play Pink Floyd's "On The Run" synth track.
  • DSI Evolver Group
  • Yahoo discussion group for the Evolver.
  • DSI Evolver Page
  • MP3 examples plus 256 sounds to download for the Evolver.
  • DSI Evolver Resource Page
  • Resources and info for the Evolver.
  • EX5Tech Evolver Forum
  • Forum for discussion of the DSI Evolver.
  • Harmony-Central DSI Reviews
  • A collection of DSI synth reviews at Harmony-Central.
  • Mopho Editor
  • Freeware Mopho editor and sound organizer from Kotró.
  • Mopho Interview
  • Interview with Andrew McGowan about Mopho features.
  • Mopho Review
  • Drew Spence reviews the Mopho.
  • OB6 by DSI
  • A Sound-On-Sound review of the OB6 developed by Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith
  • Soundtower - Evolver SoundEditor
  • Soundtower have Windows and MacOS editors for the Mopho,Evolver and Poly Evolver. SignalToNoize have some patches for the Mopho editor.
  • SOS Evolver Review
  • Sound-On-Sound magazine take a good look and listen to the Evolver.
  • Soundtower
  • Dave Smith editors by Mark Lanoszka.

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