MIDI-2-CV Converters
MIDI-2-CV converters for controlling older pre-MIDI synths.

MIDI-2-CV Converters

  • Doepfer
  • Doepfer who are well known for synth production also make MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync Interfaces.
  • Encore Electronics
  • Encore make CV converters and MIDI retrofits for certain analog synths.
  • Frostwave
  • Frostwave make the Quad MIDI-CV Plus for MIDI control of analog synths.
  • Jomox
  • Makers of analog drum & synth modules as well as Midi->CV converters, made in Europe as well as distributed in the US by JoMox Midi Machines
  • Kenton Electronics
  • Specialise in mods & retrofits for analog synths
  • MANMIDI is a chip for converting multiple voltage sources into midi controller output, for connection to synthesisers or computers with midi inputs. Chips are available.
  • MIDI303
  • A DIY MIDI conversion kit for the Roland TB-303
  • Paia
  • Paia make electronic kits that include MIDI-2-CV converters.
  • Phil Rees
  • UK based manufacturer of MIDI solutions including the MCV MIDI-2-CV converter.
  • Synhouse MIDIJACK
  • MIDIJACK is a low cost CV->MIDI converter to retrofit most analog synths.

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