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Circuit Bending
As electronic devices become obselete "Circuit Bending" can give them a new lease of life as a musical instrument. Experimental circuit work is always a risk and may well completely destroy the circuit you are working on. For safety reasons only attempt this with battery powered electronics. See the Moog 8th Annual Circuitbending Challenges

Circuit Bending

  • About The Art
  • Tips on how to get started circuit bending.
  • Anti-Theory
  • Provide good information for circuit benders.
  • Circuit Benders
  • UK based company building and selling circuitbent electronic instruments. Some MP3s are available to listen to.
  • Gallery of pictures of circuit bent instruments as well as tips and links to related resources.
  • Gearwire - Circuit Bending 101
  • Gearwire provides a series of videos on circuit bending.
  • Highly Liquid
  • MIDI decoders for analog, circuit bent, DIY or robotic devices. MIDI retrofits for the Casio SK series and other keyboards. Also have some Circuit Bent instruments for sale.
  • Warranty Void
  • A very good site for circuit bending that states the "main purpose of the collection is to explore the domain of the unheard". Well worth a visit.
  • Yahoo Group
  • Discussion of Circuit Bent devices.

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