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The BodySynth Specifications Summary 


Transform your body into a musical instrument.
Become a multi-media controller.

Modulate sounds from your existing instruments or audio tracks.

Become a Cyber Controller as you send commands to your computer.

Biofeedback!  Learn about how you move as you hear yourself move.


Stand-alone MIDI controller, or use  with your MAC or PC!

Send Note OnOff, Pitchbend, Continuous Controllers, and more

Multi-channel Electromyogram (EMG) ainplirier - Four muscle inputs standard

Eight or twelve channel processor for a variety of simultaneous effects

Parameters for each channel adjustable from menu-based keypad/displays

Compact, Portable, Easy to Use

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  The BodySynth

A kick, a wave of the hand or a clenched fist, a ripple of the back, even a yawn or a scowl can make Muscle-Music.  The BodySynth is a system for  transforming movements, gestures, and other muscle efforts into  sounds and other effects.  Almost any muscle can be linked to the electronic  circuitry.  A flick of the wrist can be transformed into  a wide range of sounds from a simple single note, to  an arpeggio, glissando, or a sampled sound.  A ripple of the back instantly becomes a musical statement.  The BodySynth is available for use  by other performers.

  It is completely functional as a stand-alone MIDI controller.  Applications start with simple note triggers, pitchbend, continuous controllers, and other MIDI Voice Messages.  Trigger and modulate sampled sounds. Modulate audio effects such as stereo echo and flanging with a MIDI audio processor.  Extend  your control to lights with a MIDI lighting board.  The BodySynth links you directly with your computer for virtually unlimited applications as a Cyber Controller.  The BodySynth is available for performances and demonstrations of this intriguing combination of Art and Science.

  BodySynth co-developer Chris Van Raalte has appeared internationally at venues which include: conferences on technology and arts (CyberArts, Digital Art B&4n, Meckler 93 Virtual Reality, Conference on Dance and Technology, Macworld Tokyo), civic ceremonies (San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens Opening), staged pieces as performance art and dance (with Tryber at The Grand Scientific Musical Theatre, Art Corn), on television (The Next Step, Fogtown Network), and parties both public (Tott's Big Block New Year's Eve, Anon Salon) and private.  John Zane-Cheong joins Chris in a BodySynth duo, The CyberBeat Brothers.

The BodySynth created by Chris Van Raalte and Ed Severinghaus, 
All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 1996. phone: USA 510-232-1820



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