Virus Snow provides the power of the Virus TI in a compact and portable package. See the Sonicstate Video Review.

Access Resources

  • Access Music Electronics
  • Makers of the Access Virus keyboard, modules and TDM plugin for ProTools. Info, operating system updates & manuals available for download.
  • Harmony Central Access Reviews
  • A collection of Access user reviews at Harmony-Central.
  • Synthsite Access Page
  • Sonicstate provide user reviews and links to Access resources.
  • Virus - Canine's Virus User Page
  • Patches, info and utilities for the Access Virus.
  • Virus Editor/Quick Editor
  • Norsez has a Java Virus Classic Rack patch editor available for download. There is also Virus Quick Editor for the Virus b.
  • Virus FAQ
  • A FAQ for the Access Virus that answers many common questions.
  • Virus -
  • Commercial sound design company that also creates and sells sounds for the Virus.
  • Virus - Philipp Koltsov
  • Philipp provides patches and resources for many synths.
  • Virus - Sounds-Of-Revolution
  • German sound designers who are selling original dance sound sets for Access Virus C, Roland JP8000/8080, JD-800, JD-990 and NordLead 3 plus more.
  • Virus Quick Edit
  • Windows software for editing on the Access Virus.
  • Virus - Rob Papen
  • Rob Papen sound design produce patches for the Access Virus.
  • Forum for discussion on the Access Virus.
  • Universal Manager
  • Windows sysex manager software with support for Waldorf Q, microQ and Microwave, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Access Virus and Novation Nova Laptop.
  • Virus - SBS Media Patches
  • Archive includes Access Virus banks.
  • Virus - Skyrider
  • Paul Nagle presents his sysex patch dumps and Cubase mixermaps for a number of synths including the Virus, E-Mu Vintage Keys, Korg Prophecy, Waldorf Pulse & Microwave.
  • Virus - SOS Review
  • Although this review dates back to 1997 it is still worth reading SOS opinions on the Access Virus.
  • Virus b/c - Cosmic Dreamer
  • A bank to download for the Access Virus b and also one for the Virus c.
  • Virus C Desktop
  • Only available in Italian language. Provides a range of music tech information including the Virus C.

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